Spring Cleaning for Your Business

It’s that time of year—and you can’t escape from it. Everywhere you look, you see tips for spring cleaning this and spring cleaning that.

And guess what? This really is a great time of year to spring clean your business—but not in the way that you might expect.

Spring Cleaning for Your Business

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Files

Business moves fast—and it’s not always easy to keep up with every facet that you ought to keep up with. So take time now to make sure your files are all backed up. And while you’re at it, establish a routine that will automatically back up your files weekly or (even better) daily.

Chances are also good that you’ve gathered some files and contacts that are no longer necessary. This is the perfect time of year to review your Downloads folder, folders for customers or projects that are no longer important to your daily business, and your email and cellphone contacts to make sure you’ve purged everything that you don’t need anymore.

Spring Cleaning Your Business Plan

Don’t make the mistake of believing that your business plan served its purpose many moons ago, when your company was first getting off the ground. Take the time to review that plan annually, to see what your original goals were, how those goals have evolved, and how the paths to achieving those goals may have changed. Update the file as necessary so it will be ready to review next year. And, most importantly, renew your focus on achieving those goals that will carry your company where you want it to go.

Spring Cleaning Your Safety Policies and Procedures

It’s always a good idea to review your company’s worker safety policies and procedures—and here’s why.

The tasks your workers undertake may change.

The tools your workers use to complete those tasks may change.

Your company’s goals may change.

And as those changes occur, you need to make sure your safety policies and procedures are keeping pace, so your workers can continue to be safe—and productive—on the job.

What other tasks have you been putting off? Could you make Spring Cleaning your inspiration to finally cross them off your to-do list?

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