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With more than 35 years of working with business-owners, company officers and directors, and human resources managers, the Orange County workers compensation insurance professionals at know that your employees are key to your business’s long-term success—and we know how to help you keep them safe and healthy at a price you can afford.

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Safe employees are happy and productive employees–and help keep Orange County workers compensation costs down.

Your premium is determined by a number of factors, including your industry classification, your company’s history of work-related industries (sometimes called the experience modification or experience mod), and your payroll. But in Orange County workers compensation insurance rates can vary from carrier to carrier—and there are additional other factors to consider when selecting a policy for your company’s workers’ compensation insurance in Orange County or anywhere else in California. We’ll help you find a California workers’ compensation policy that fits your budget, as well as meeting your other needs regarding services provided, familiarity with your industry, the doctors in the network, and so on. (We told you: there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a policy!)

While it’s smart to carry insurance to protect your company from disaster—and it’s the law for your business to carry workers’ compensation insurance in California and many other states—the best insurance policy is the one you never have to use! provides the information you need to develop safety programs and procedures to keep your employees safe, so that you never have to file a workers’ compensation claim. And an effective safety program that reduces the number of on-the-job injuries will have an additional benefit of potentially reducing your workers’ compensation insurance premiums, since frequency of injury is one of the factors that determines your rates. Click here to go to the WorkComp4U blog, where you’ll find lots of tips to help your employees stay safe and healthy.