How Your Company Can Host a Blood Drive

Fact: 40,000 pints of blood are needed every single day.

Another fact: you and your organization could help meet that tremendous need.

Yet another fact: there’s no better time to do so than June 14, which just happens to be World Blood Donor Day.

And one more important fact: it doesn’t take much time or energy to for your company to host a blood drive… if you partner with the Red Cross!

The Red Cross will help you figure out how many donors you can expect—and, most important, how to recruit them. They’ll screen all the donors confidentially and professionally. They’ll bring all the necessary equipment, and take it away again at the end of the blood drive.

So what do you have to do to host a blood drive successfully?

  • Publicize your blood drive.
  • Recruit donors.
  • Make appointments for the donors to give blood.

Why Host a Blood Drive

So who will benefit from your company’s blood drive?

The employees will: they will feel great about jumping in to help others.

The company will: the boost in employee morale and, potentially, good publicity can only serve to strengthen your organization.

But most of all, the people who need blood will benefit when you host a blood drive. The majority of them will be people being treated for cancer, people undergoing orthopedic or cardiovascular surgeries or organ and marrow transplants, and people being treated for inherited blood disorders.

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