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Why Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance is a safety net for both the employer and the employee: it protects your business from lawsuits, and your employees from lost income.

But in California workers compensation isn’t merely a good idea. It’s also the law.

Contact us today for your California workers comp quote. Our licensed insurance representatives will analyze your business needs and present a competitive California workers comp quote from highly-rated insurance carriers—and we mean it when we say our rates are competitive. Our expertise and long-term relationships with our insurance companies allow us to negotiate the best coverage and premiums, which is what makes us unique. california workers comp quote

Remember, it doesn’t matter who is at fault when it comes to a workplace injury. Employees are entitled to receive prompt treatment for on-the-job illness or injury, and workers’ compensation insurance ensures that they will get it. By the same token, workers’ compensation insurance protects employers from being sued over on-the-job illness or injury contracted by their employees.

California Workers Comp Quote Premium Determination

Your work comp premium is determined by a number of factors, including your industry classification, your company’s history of work-related industries (sometimes called the experience modification or experience mod), and your payroll. But workers’ compensation insurance rates can vary from carrier to carrier—and there are additional other factors to consider when comparing California workers comp quotes and insurance coverages. When you turn to us for a California workers comp quote, we’ll help you find a workers’ compensation policy that fits your budget, as well as meeting your other needs regarding services provided, familiarity with your industry, the doctors in the network, and so on.

As business-owners ourselves, we understand your needs. With more than 35 years’ experience in workers’ compensation insurance, we can help you find the policy that fits your needs, at a price that suits your budget. As an independent broker, we work for you. Contact us for your California workers comp quote today.

If you need additional information regarding workers compensation insurance in California, feel free to refer to the Online Guide to Workers’ Compensation.

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